Axl "Teacher Teacher" Gonzalez

An incredibly energetic, positive, and motivated individual, Axl has bartended all around the world. Axl hails from Los Angeles, where he was raised and trained in the fine art of Mixology. He joined our team in November, 2012, bringing over 13 years of experience bartending, managing restaurants, and promoting and networking for the most upscale night clubs, from LA to Miami. Axl has mastered the art of making sure his customers leave the bar with a huge smile on their faces!

Axl taught the art of mixology for the National Bartenders School in Los Angeles, and at the New York Bartending School of South Florida. “I provide them with the reality of every single situation when it comes to bartending, whether in a fine dining establishment or a night club. I train my students and prepare them for the best scenarios possible in this industry.” Axel has bartended in and networked with the top clubs in Miami and Los Angeles.


Mymi is our in-house wine expert! She started working in the service industry as a teenager in a popular Montreal nightclub, moving onto all aspects of the business; office, promotion, accounting, host/security, server, busser, barback and of course, barmaid!

Along the way, she learned an immense amount about spirits & beers. She became an agile mixologist, nick-named “the Shooter Queen”; she’s always ready to invent various cocktails to please guests. She’s worked in some amazing nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels as well as prestigious members-only clubs. She became a Sommelier in 2006 through the Court of Master Sommeliers and is currently continuing her studies to become a Master Sommelier.

Rob Berry

Q: What makes a good bartender?

Rob: It’s not about looks, it’s gotta be personality! We can’t teach personality but we can help bring it out. A little charm goes a long way. Being able to create a good vibe in your place of work, with great customer service.

Q: What attributes would you say would be important to have as a bartender?

Rob: There is few that come to mind, must be a good multi-tasker, be able to handle stress and able to smile through it all. Confidence not arrogance. Confidence comes from knowing your cockatils and Mixology rules. Being able to use all the products and tools on your bar, building rapport with your customers to get repeat business and making customers feel special.

Q: How many drinks should a bartender know?

Rob:If you only know the top 12 drinks sold out there, why do we have so many bottles on the bar then. Your boss wants you to use them. Some say no one orders these drinks anyway! No one orders these drinks because the bartender doesn’t know how to sell them. Sales, sales, sales, bartenders are salespeople. If you don’t know how to sell, how are you gonna make the most money possible? The more drinks you know the better.


Diana has been working in the Bar & Restaurant Industry for over 20 years and has many credentials to her name. Working as a Pub, Fine Dining, Sports bar Bartender to Consultant & Nite Club Manager. Where then she became an Instructor/Manager to now Co-Owner of the Bartending School of Ontario.

Why did you become a Bartender?
Diana: Like a lot of people I needed to supplement my income. Once I got the Bartending fever I was hooked for life.

What is the Best thing about Bartending?
Diana: Everyday is a new day. You never know what you’ll learn. You get to meet and talk to people you might have never had the opportunity in any other situation. And the money of course :-)

What is your favorite part of Teaching Bartenders?
Diana: OMG! I love meeting up with past grads and hearing how bartending has impacted their lives. The success stories and how we got to be a part of it, from the little things they remember years later that was said in a class to how bartending made them who they are today is probably my proudest moments. Whether they are still bartending or moved onto other avenues. I guess that’s the Mom in me.

If you weren’t doing this then what?
Diana: What else is there? Standup Comedian (and starving). Have 20 dogs, live on a farm and own a Pub.

Favorite Drink?
Diana: There is so much history in the cocktail world, I think as you get a little older your taste buds becomes more refined, but my go to drink is a Bahama Highball.


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