Bartending Classes

Canada's 81,000 restaurants, bars and caterers employ more than one million people in communities across the country.
Hire a BSO Bartender graduate who has the knowledge about products and the difference of well & call brands.

They will arrive with a positive attitude a few butterflies in the stomach and eagerness to sell Cocktails with confidence.
Bartending is not just the memorization of individual ingredients, portion sizes, glassware, and whether you build, stir, shake or blend a cocktail.
Bartending is knowing your products and tools and how they work with each other

What do i learn in The Classroom ?

More than just Cocktail recipes. We want to wake up your creative side!

Product Knowledge. Consumers are looking for more than Rum & Coke.

Mixology Guidelines & Rules. Most Bars & Restaurants are offering a cocktail menu to their clientele. Mixology rules help you to learn these recipes faster and with confidence.

Customer Service. A customer should feel confident enough in their bartender to say make me something with gin, or I feel like fruit

Nowhere will you find a more in-depth, inclusive and complete bartender’s training program.

While some bartending programs don’t teach many cocktails because they figure no one is ordering them anyway…

The cocktails we teach in our program

Are designed to prepared you to work anywhere, you will need to know more than what just one type of customer's orders as well as just one type of venue. This is what makes our program Internationally recognized. The more you know and use,the more confident and professional you will be behind the wood or on the floor.

The Hands-On Approach

Multiple cocktail making

P.O.S. Cash register- Pixel Point & Touch Screen

Stock & Inventory Control

Proper pouring - Free pour & Control pour

Cash Handling & Cash out procedures

Bar Set-up & Shut down - Cleaning

Liquor & Liqueur Cost Control + Product Knowledge

Layering Techniques for Shooters & Cocktails

Draft Systems & equipment

Main Bar to Service Bar

Cocktail making & Presentation

Table service