We offer advice to new and existing licensed venues on design or re-structure to generate maximum service, speed, sales and profits. Tailored for you on site education programs


The act of making a drink is more like science and math you are adding components in an exact formula, so if you do it the right way,you should know that it's going to taste good.

Bartending school

We have had the privilege to work with some pretty amazing Bartenders,Managers & Owners over the years.


From slinging cocktails in some of the most famous and amazing Bars & Clubs to consulting the next major hot spots.

Bartending School of Ontario in Toronto

You’ve wasted enough time wondering. Sign up for a workshop, course or event now and see for yourself exactly what we’re talking about.

The Bartending School of Ontario in Toronto (B.S.O.)
was established in 1974. Its hands-on training
program is taught by licensed bartending instructors
who have first-hand experience working as bartenders,
floor servers, bar managers, bar owners or
industry consultants.

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These people started me off in the industry.They taught me correct. And also to be the best. I am beyond thankful to them. I now own a business and love what I do.But it all stems back to these days spent with themWink Thank you to a great team. Great people. And amazing hearts.


My son Marc also took your program and starts at the airport as a bartender on Wednesday. Thanks for Everything.